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Come and invest safely
Get your company on the path to success in Zambia 
Contact us. Strategize. Organize. Globalize.

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We provide local understanding of the economy, history, culture, laws, business practices and trade patterns in  Zambia  to many International companies and individuals. We provide consulting  in issues common to any international work as  global travel, risk mitigation, international contracts and more.

Most International companies aiming on business development in Zambia, we engage the help of third-party consulting firms and or Governmental agencies who specialize in any field of business or Ngo's.


Our Vision is to work in many complex areas of both international and local partnerships, to develop the technology for the benefit of all Zambians . To create the partnership opportunities in Production of electricity from solar energy as a way of life and preservation of the earth to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide - dangerous and harmful carbon emissions into the air resulting from electricity production from fossil fuels . The company operates with social benefits in mind,  to create new and many jobs while cooperating with the local companies and the Government. All for the future of the next generation.




We are your one stop shop in Lusaka, serving all neighboring countries for any reason or aim you need to meet in your business patterns. We provide you with agricultural production advice, biosecurity, natural resource logistics and  management Mineral deposits and mining licenses including sufficient local Due diligence. Let us be responsible for your operation day-to-day issues to provide you the ultimate solutions with any of your Local challenges for greater success.

Come and invest safely

Get your company on the path to success in Zambia 

Contact us. Strategize. Organize. Globalize.

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